Raised Garden Beds for Melbourne

If you’d like to add style or give your garden a contemporary look and feel, raised garden beds, borders, and built-in seating are just a few ways to add a new dimension and give your garden a designer look, and feel.

Raised beds are a great way to create a base for plantings to screen out neighbouring properties. They can provide a platform for ornamental plants or box hedges. Or you may want to grow your own produce with an edible garden. At Great Spaces in Melbourne, we design and construct concepts to add new depth and sophistication to your garden design.

Garden beds for sleek entertaining areas.

Raised garden beds are one of Great Spaces most popular design features. They can bring symmetry to a space or integrate mood lighting to create an elegant backdrop at night. Beds and borders can also incorporate floating benches or built-in seating to accommodate guests and add a luxurious ambiance. Or create an extension of your outdoor kitchen and dining space. The possibilities are as wide as your imagination.

Designed garden bed to match your style.

There are plenty of alternatives to match the use of the garden you’re trying to create.

As the name suggests, concrete rendered raised beds are constructed from concrete blocks and rendered with finishes to match the architecture of the dwelling or bring the outside in. They can be simple and elegant or capped with stone to match paving or pool surrounds.

Raised beds, seating, and borders can also be constructed in timber or low-maintenance eco-composite decking to bring some greenery to your BBQ area. Rustic Corten steel style planters and raised beds are another popular design choice.

These can be designed and constructed as part of an overall theme and work with other design choices such as balustrades, railings, fences, pergolas, and outdoor furniture. Our creations are not only aesthetically impressive but also structurally sound.

Garden beds with form and function.

Sunlight is an essential part of plant growth, and most plants need a certain amount to flourish. Raised beds are a convenient way to elevate your plants and expose them to the light they need –particularly in courtyard gardens where light may be limited.

Raised beds also give you a planting solution that offers protection from pets or kids and easy maintenance to grow your plants without backache.

Great Spaces builds bespoke results that reflect exactly the functionality you need from your outdoor area with small concepts designed for compact areas, through to garden beds for large-scale entertaining or public premises.

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