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As dedicated landscaping professionals, we’re committed to sculpting surroundings that offer a warm, opulent, and welcoming atmosphere in which our clients can bask every day for the years to come. Our approach integrates pioneering landscaping methodologies, profound horticultural acumen, and comprehensive construction aptitude in order to achieve this.

Our remarkable team at Great Spaces, composed of qualified and experienced landscapers, brings a wide spectrum of skill sets essential for complete outdoor space metamorphosis. We provide a comprehensive project management solution, from creating preliminary design concepts and examining material choices, to proficient site preparation, fluid construction, and subsequent waste disposal.

Are you seeking a new deck that seamlessly merges your interior and exterior living areas, or a natural stone walkway that gracefully escorts your guests towards the pool zone? Could the stark side alley of your property be enhanced with tidy hedges that double as a natural extension of your fence, providing additional privacy? At Great Spaces, we subscribe to an all-inclusive view of your exterior space, enabling us to craft a customised design that effectively meets your unique requirements.

Our Exceptional Landscaping Services in Glen Iris

We are guided by a singular mission – to build magnificent outdoor areas that you can make use of and enjoy daily. Our expertise lies in harmonising pragmatic functionality with creative design, yielding an end product that resonates with your aspirations and purposes.

This could involve the implementation of elevated garden beds to cultivate a serene space for quiet relaxation. Alternatively, we could integrate a water feature as a social epicentre for parents to converse while their children frolic in the pool. Or, it could be as fundamental as utilising pebbles to demarcate a vivid contrast between the base of your hedges and the stonework encircling your fire pit.

Our process begins with an on-site consultation to understand the characteristics of the area and grasp your objectives and visions for enhancing your exterior space. Following this, we’ll develop a range of bespoke concept designs that cater to your precise needs and tastes.

From the initial design and choice of materials to site readiness, structural landscaping construction, and gentle landscaping and planting; we accompany you closely at each stage of the journey, offering peace of mind.

Glen Iris
Glen Iris

Why Entrust Your Glen Iris Landscaping Project to Great Spaces?

We bring over two decades of experience in crafting tailored landscape projects to the table – spanning residential homes, commercial establishments, educational institutions, shopping complexes, and beyond. Our guiding principles are rooted in sustainability, teamwork, avant-garde design, and superior customer satisfaction. 

Whether it’s decking, illumination, paving, garden beds or any other facet of your outdoor landscaping project, the Great Spaces team excels in applying ground-breaking design strategies and exceptional landscaping acumen to actualise your vision.

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