Playground Landscaping Design in Melbourne

Developing a new property or redesigning an existing space? Whether you’re a private property owner, are opening a commercial facility, or looking to overhaul an existing multi-purpose area, Great Spaces has the education, insight, and experience needed to get the job done.

With a team well-versed in the design, construction, and ongoing care of outdoor spaces, we service clients city-wide in commercial, residential, and public domains. Interested in learning more about our approach to playground landscaping in Melbourne? Read on to see how we approach new builds versus redevelopment projects and how we can support your team.

Creating innovative playgrounds across Melbourne

Major outdoor projects require a collaborative approach. This is why Great Spaces works hard at fostering excellent working relationships with local clients, contractors, and builders alike. Further still, because we offer end-to-end services in outdoor planning, construction, and maintenance, we’re able to reduce the number of hands and contacts required to get a project finished, streamlining communications and project management.

So what’s the difference between how we approach a new build versus renovation of an existing plan?

1. Existing terrain: With an existing structure, garden, or pathway, we have to focus less on the natural terrain and what services will be required to make it pedestrian and play safe. While this doesn’t limit the creative scope for the project, it can mean less demolition work is needed to prepare the space for the construction.

2. Existing structures: If you’re looking at adding on to, renovating, or reimagining the green area of an existing playground, we take into consideration existing builds when selecting and recommending select plants, grasses, and garden beds. Why? Because we know how gardens grow and develop over time and want to ensure that maintenance and gardening will be an easy task that doesn’t interfere with the play structure.

3. Brand-new builds: While there may be additional demolition required to prep the land for development, planning an entirely new build means that we can help select play equipment in line with our horticulture suggestions and make structural recommendations. This often means we have more flexibility when creating a plan for your garden as opposed to working around an existing plan.

The Great Spaces team comes from a background in landscaping, horticulture, and garden construction, meaning we can create an outdoor vision for your property regardless of its current state. Further, having worked with commercial, private, and public sectors, we know what it takes to build eye-catching results of all kinds.

Our simplified approach

If you’re new to outdoor property development, feel free to check out the Great Spaces process page to learn about each step we undertake to bring your dream garden to life. For further information, you can take a look at some of the local properties we have redeveloped to see how we take a space from ground zero to a winning eco-friendly and sustainable design to be enjoyed by young and old.

Ready to speak with an expert? Feel free to reach out to our landscape designer and project manager, Peter O’Neill to learn more about the unique services we offer. His details are on our contact page. From initial concept creation, to redevelopment and design, we know that visitors to your space will love playing in the great outdoors with Great Spaces.

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