Supporting the education sector with school landscaping

Great Spaces is a specialised landscaping service in Melbourne that can provide tailored, innovative and highly functional designs for school grounds, campuses, and educational facilities. Every project is designed to maximise potential, minimise maintenance and save resources through smart design. We aim to inspire and enrich the learning environment for students and staff through creative, sustainable, well-thought-out spaces.

End-to-end school and university landscaping in Melbourne

Creating great learning environments takes vision and know-how, with plenty of considerations that make up what the end result will be. From playful pebble streams to installing a 2 million litre water tank under St Kevins College football oval – we’ve been entrusted with a wide range of projects on all levels of complexity. Some of our services in this space include:

End-to-end landscape design, construction, and planting

Underground water tanks and sustainable solutions

Artificial and natural turf for sport and play

Environmental design, pathways, garden beds, and natural habitats

Installation of outdoor play and exercise facilities

Water features, art installations, and state-of-the-art lighting systems

Soil stabilisation, retaining walls, and fences and more.

At Great Spaces, we pride ourselves on transforming the average schoolyard into lush, green playscapes and environments to be enjoyed by students and teachers. With decades of experience behind us, we’ve earned a reputation as hard-working specialists in the field, well-versed with contemporary techniques and environmentally friendly methods.

Why is school landscaping so important?

By including carefully created habitat’s formed around natural design and landscapes, we help schools provide students with inspiring and motivating environments. This also exposes the community to natural textures and materials, which are important in creating diverse learning spaces.

For universities, we ensure our outdoor spaces embrace the overall feel and function of the campus, creating a seamless design that honours the purpose and the aesthetics needed.

We know Melbourne like the back of our hands

We have successfully delivered landscaping services to some of Melbourne’s most respected colleges, campuses, and places of learning since 2002, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

Committed to providing our clients with innovative design concepts, high-quality workmanship, bespoke solutions and effective project management, we continuously exceed the expectations of every client we work with. Finally, we’re driven by our focus on attention to detail, allowing us to create remarkable outdoor environments that continue to inspire year after year.

Our strong reputation within the industry and with clients is built on our commitment to the highest level of support and attention to detail at all stages of a project.

Get started now

Complex and large-scale projects – like those involved with schools and universities – are often difficult to scope, manage and deliver. We do the hard work for you, to ensure your goals are fully embraced, paying careful attention to the finest details from start to finish.

Additionally, we have plenty of experience working with projects just like yours, so we know exactly what needs to be done and how.

You can count on us for a trusted end-to-end service when you need it most.  

With a team that’s exceptionally talented in landscaping specialities for a wide range of industries – from residential to commercial – we’re here and ready to get started on creating the perfect environment for your requirements. Find out why we’re trusted experts in Melbourne school landscaping now by getting in touch with our friendly team.

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