Shopping Centre Landscaping in Melbourne

If you’re a commercial property developer, owner, or general manager with landscaping needs, we can help you. Specialising in outdoor living areas that are functional and aesthetically pleasing, our team has the insight and experience needed to manage your public property’s surroundings.

New to the realm of shopping centre landscaping? Because the Great Spaces team comes from backgrounds in garden construction and horticulture, we have the insight needed to walk every client through their potential needs.

Check out more below to learn about how we have the skills to transform some of Melbourne’s highest traffic areas into liveable, welcoming green spaces.

Landscaping, horticulture management, and construction

Working with commercial clients means understanding the needs of both the property owner or developer, as well as end-users. This means that we need to balance both seamless aesthetics and easy garden management with functionality, accessibility, and high-quality design.

Below are just some examples of commercial public services our team has experience with transforming into user-friendly, eco-conscious outdoor areas.

Commercial garden design & consultation

Including shopping centre landscaping services, solutions for industrial parks, and office buildings. We are also able to support new commercial property developments through to existing garden construction and design. No matter the complexity of the project, we’re able to meet your needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Fencing, gates walls, paths, and more

Working in a public area means considering the needs of all potential stakeholders, customers, pedestrians, and property owners alike. To ensure that we create accessible spaces, our team considers, designs, and constructs fencing, walls, pathways, stairs, or ramps needed to navigate your domain.

Ongoing maintenance & care

Once the initial design and construction are finished, we’re happy to support our clients with ongoing maintenance and care to ensure that your public space stays in great shape. From regular trimming to ongoing plant and grounds management, we ensure that you can stay hands-off but sure your development remains as inviting as the day it was finished.

Backed by industry experience and insight

Finding a landscaping team in Melbourne who has the qualifications, insight, and experience needed to design, construct, and continue to maintain your property is rare. Fortunately, Great Spaces makes it easy.

Whether you’re in the planning stages of a new development or looking for a local team who can take over the redesign and ongoing management of an existing plot. Our landscape designer and project manager, Peter O’Neill is happy to discuss your needs.  Full service, able to offer end-to-end capabilities, and prioritising a great customer service experience, Great Spaces raising the game for landscaping teams Melbourne-wide.

For more information about the skills, we can bring to transform your local city areas, check out our case studies. From luxurious private garden design and construction to low-maintenance make-overs, our clients range from private homeowners to commercial management teams. Partnering well with architects, contractors, and building groups alike, we know that collaborating with Great Spaces will help you bring your property vision to life.

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