Small Garden Design in Melbourne

Looking to renovate your property or private garden? Need design ideas for a small courtyard? From homeowners to commercial real estate, Great Spaces is one of Melbourne’s go-to teams for designing, constructing, and caring for gardens, properties, and lawns.

While we have great experience supporting major property developers and large-scale commercial projects, we will always hold smaller, more intimate projects near and dear to our hearts. Why? Read on to learn more about our team’s background and how we transitioned from a single designer with a passion for landscape architecture to the full-scale team of skilled tradespeople with a passion for outdoor spaces that we are today.

Melbourne courtyard design

Great Spaces brings a team of people came together who are qualified and passionate about working in landscaping, construction, and horticulture. Our mission is to create attractive outdoor spaces for people to enjoy together. Great designs that are as inviting as they are functional. We work with commercial, private, and public property owners to bring this vision to life.

Although we love a large-scale project that requires multiple stages of planning, collaboration, and construction, getting to work one-to-one with homeowners and property developers on small green spaces is one kind of project that we love.

Everyday outdoor areas are often overlooked, when in reality, even small patches of lawn, garden, and courtyards can become a tranquil sanctuary, an aesthetic place to lounge, work, relax, or play.

From playground landscaping to private backyard gardens, no project is too big or small for our team. Knowing that the great outdoors is the one place where everyone is welcome, we’re continually working to create more dedicated spaces that can be planned, developed, and easily maintained. Among the small-scale services we offer, we can provide:

Renovation, design, and construction

Outdoor entertaining areas, and kitchens

Decking, paving, paths, and patios

Pergola’s, screens, balustrades, and fencing

Planting, turf, and natural ground cover

Raised beds, retaining walls, and integrated furniture

Water features, irrigation, and lighting systems.

If you’ve been considering ways to raise your property value and would like to upgrade your outdoor area in a way that is beautifully designed, functional, and wins compliments from family and friends contact us today.

Backyard landscaping and design

Dedicated to creating spaces that can be enjoyed every day, speak with our landscape designer and project manager, Peter O’Neill at Great Spaces to see how we can support your next project. His details are on our contact page. Hands-on, innovative, and efficient, let us show you why we have become one of Melbourne’s go-to landscaping teams.

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