Barry Road Pre-School

When this community run kinder wanted to create more outdoor opportunities for their play-based learning program, Great Spaces produced a plan with bespoke play structures and native plantings to bring it to life.


The preschool committee instigated the playground upgrade in part to make it more suitable for their 3—and 4-year-old children. A risk assessment audit revealed that old climbing rocks did not conform to the current soft-fall code. This would require redeveloping existing structures to make them safe. At the same time, they wanted to create a more stimulating natural environment for young minds to explore and grow.


Apart from redeveloping some existing play structures, upgrades would include an elevated adventure lookout incorporating a safer slide, a tunnel, and a climbing wall. Boat-shaped decks would create places to imagine or perform, while an outdoor classroom would give teachers and students a new learning destination. Ascending and descending logs form natural borders, seats, and steps to test balance. The planting plan featured species indigenous to the area to encourage smell, touch, and taste.


Our team repositioned the old rocks and made them safe before getting to work on a bespoke raised platform at the heart of the playground. Locally sourced sustainable timber provides a rustic natural feel with irregular sugar gum poles and balustrades – every last length lovingly rounded off before oiling. A safe-fall slide, tunnel, and climbing net offer more stimulating play opportunities.

We erected the outdoor classroom in the same rustic style. Numerous logs were smoothed and moved into place to provide more communal seating and play structures before decks and poles were erected. The space was finished with scented native planting and grasses to add more sensory learning opportunities and soften the edges. The result is a safer play space that is closer to nature and offers more learning opportunities. The kids, parents, and staff love it.