What is the Difference Between a Landscape Architect and a Landscape Designer?

When considering transforming an outdoor space, many ponder the choice between a landscape architect and a landscape designer. To the unfamiliar, these titles might sound interchangeable. However, there’s a big difference between the two, especially in the depth of skill sets, education, and the ability to create multifaceted projects.

For those seeking comprehensive solutions with an understanding of horticulture, architecture, construction standards, urban planning laws and regulations, a landscape architect, particularly from a reputable firm like Great Spaces, holds a definitive edge.


Education and Qualifications

The first point of difference is their education. A landscape architect undergoes thorough training to attain a professional degree in the field. Their comprehensive education equips them with expertise in design and areas like environmental conditions, site design, and urban planning.

For instance, Great Spaces’ Chief Landscape Architect and Project Manager, Peter O’Neill, is accredited with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. His extensive academic background and years of practical experience make him an expert in projects ranging from residential landscaping to large-scale commercial developments.

In contrast, a landscape designer might have taken a few courses in design but may lack appropriate training in construction and building regulations. Their primary focus typically remains on garden layouts and smaller-scale projects.


Scope of Work

Landscape architects can oversee a broader range of projects with their in-depth training and knowledge. They can craft detailed designs for shopping centres, educational institutions, aged care facilities, and more. Their expertise goes beyond the aesthetic appeal, ensuring the projects’ functionality, sustainability, and long-term viability.

Conversely, landscape designers often restrict their services to garden designs and smaller residential jobs, lacking the technical know-how to undertake more extensive or complex projects. 


Expertise and Skills

A landscape architect’s knowledge continues beyond design. They’re proficient in understanding soil types, drainage, civil engineering requirements, local laws, and more. This holistic approach ensures that the design not only looks good but is also functional and sustainable.

For anyone in Melbourne or its surrounding areas looking for a full-service solution for their outdoor areas, Great Spaces provides impeccable landscape design Melbourne-wide. Check out some of our previous projects to see for yourself.


Final Thoughts

While both landscape designers and architects can add value to a space, the depth of knowledge, comprehensive training, and versatility that a landscape architect brings to the table sets us a cut above. So, choosing a qualified landscape architect ensures you’ll receive quality, expertise, and longevity when you’re looking to transform a space – whether it’s a quaint garden or a sprawling commercial property.

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