Garden Style & Design Ideas: Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Whether it’s because the weather’s getting warmer or you want to prepare for the summer, there’s never a wrong time to rethink your outdoor space. Hosting a barbecue or a garden party in a stylish and functional outdoor entertaining area can be the perfect way to enjoy the warmer times of the year. Here are some garden style and design ideas for outdoor entertaining areas, both large and small, that are sure to impress your guests. 

Alfresco Dining Areas

Creating an alfresco dining area is a fantastic way to enjoy a meal outdoors with friends and family. Consider including a large dining table and comfortable seating to make your guests feel at home. For an example of a beautiful backyard we’re proud of, check out the Kensington outdoor space we transformed into an al fresco family dining and entertaining area. 

Lounge Areas

If you prefer a more casual atmosphere, creating a lounge area is a great option. Arrange outdoor sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables around a fire pit to create a cosy atmosphere. Add some outdoor cushions and throws to keep your guests warm and comfortable. The wind in Melbourne can be chilly. How about some thick woollen blankets?

swimming pool in Melbourne
Zen garden


Remember the importance of lighting in creating a welcoming and stylish outdoor entertaining area. Consider incorporating low-voltage garden lighting to highlight your favourite features and create a warm ambiance. String lights, lanterns, and candles are all great options.

Plants and Landscaping

Adding some plants and landscaping can create a cohesive look in your entertaining outdoor area. Consider planting low-maintenance succulents, ornamental grasses, or flowering shrubs to create interest and colour. Our recommendation is to use native plants whenever possible. With our deep experience in landscaping all over Melbourne, we can select the ideal native plants for your place. Kangaroo paw, carex, and blue fescue are especially popular with our clients. To see more about our philosophy on native plants, click here.

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Urban Jungle

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Whether you want to create a large outdoor entertaining area or a small and intimate space, these garden style and design ideas will help you get started. At Great Spaces, we’re here to help you turn your outdoor living dreams into a reality. Looking for more ideas? Browse our projects and our inspiration pages. If you’re ready to talk, get in touch with us for a chat, book a consult, or learn more about our custom outdoor living solutions.

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