Committed Landscape Designers in Hawthorn

As stewards of outdoor design, our mission is to craft compelling and welcoming open areas that become a daily source of pleasure and functionality for our clients. Our proficient team offers a rich blend of landscape design talents, profound knowledge in horticulture, and mastery in construction techniques to each unique environment we create.

At Great Spaces, we deliver all-inclusive projects that address every facet of your landscape requirements. Be it new decking and lawns for the entire family’s enjoyment, a snug fire pit to gather around in the chill of winter, elevated garden beds to establish your private haven, or a blend of these elements.

Our enthusiastic and committed team undertakes landscape aesthetics, in-situ demolition, waste disposal, planting, and every other essential task to actualise your dream of an idyllic outdoor living space.

Our Hawthorn Landscape Services

The ethos at Great Spaces is rooted in a singular concept – devising and building exceptional outdoor environments for people to fully utilise and appreciate. Whether your objectives revolve around hosting social gatherings, seeking solace in your own private space, optimising the utility of your open areas, or augmenting the overall worth of your property – we’re committed to turning your vision into reality.

Our approach begins with a thorough consultation to garner a comprehensive understanding of your aspirations and objectives for the project. This enables us to customise our methodology for your outdoor makeover, and craft a meticulous strategy that accommodates your distinct needs and predilections.

At Great Spaces, our focus extends beyond mere aesthetics. Our designs are conceptualised and polished with an eye on practicality and durability, employing superior quality materials to ensure optimal results. The satisfaction we derive from our completed projects is as profound as the pleasure our clients derive from their newly transformed spaces.

Our Approach to Hawthorn Landscaping Assignments

We uphold a uniform, efficient procedure for every project we take on, regardless of its scale, residential or commercial nature. We initiate each project with an evaluation and styling phase – understanding your ideal vision for the space is crucial for us to surpass your expectations.

Following this, we share a selection of bespoke design concepts for your perusal. The project advances to the stages of site preparation, intricate landscape construction, addition of soft landscaping elements, planting and clean-up only once you’re thrilled with the proposed design. 

We prioritise constant communication, ensuring you’re updated throughout each step. Additionally, we strive to minimise any disturbance to your daily household activities during the construction period.

Why Choose Us?

For over two decades, Great Spaces has specialised in the creation of unique landscaping projects catering to homes, businesses, schools, local government, and a diverse array of other sectors. When it comes to qualified and seasoned landscapers in Hawthorn who show passion in their work, you’d be hard-pressed to find a team more motivated and innovative than Great Spaces.

Our core principles are anchored in sustainability, cooperation, advanced design, and exceptional customer service. Whether it involves decking, lighting, paving, garden beds or any other components of your exterior landscaping project, we collaborate closely with you to deliver the most optimal results.

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