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As professional landscapers, we’re committed to crafting appealing and hospitable outdoor environments that can be cherished and utilised in everyday life. Our fully qualified team carries a rich spectrum of landscaping capabilities, horticultural knowledge, and a robust foundation in construction, thereby bringing a unique, customised perspective to each new project we embark on.

Great Spaces delivers comprehensive project management services, covering all facets of turning your outdoor area into your ideal haven. Whether it’s sophisticated decking, welcoming green lawns, expertly installed natural stone pathways, or peaceful water features that complete the outdoor ambiance, our team collaborates closely with you from the conceptual design stage right through to breaking ground.

Our team’s proficiency extends beyond typical techniques, as we are adept at creating secluded sanctuaries with raised garden beds and designing bespoke fire pits to serve as a centrepiece for your alfresco entertainment area. We’re a one-stop solution for all your landscaping needs – from landscape design, site demolition, soft planting, hard landscaping construction to disposing of waste and debris at project’s completion.

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Our All-Inclusive Landscaping Services in Malvern

Share your aspirations for your outdoor lifestyle with us, and we’ll integrate them into crafting your dream outdoor environment, whether that’s a space for year-round entertaining, a quiet spot for evening relaxation, or a garden layout that optimally captures the late afternoon sun.

From deck construction and strategic lighting to pavement installation and planning of garden beds, we evaluate how these elements interplay to cultivate an inviting and heartening atmosphere.

At Great Spaces, our initial step is an on-site evaluation which gives us a clear grasp of your intentions and desired results, while also allowing us to appraise the outdoor area at our disposal. This paves the way for us to formulate a bespoke design for your landscaping project in Malvern, keeping functionality and durability at the forefront. Subsequently, using top-grade materials, we actualise this design, aiming to surpass your anticipations with the final result.


Why Choose Us for Your Landscaping Needs in Malvern?

With over two decades of expertise in conceptualising and executing tailor-made landscape projects for both residential and commercial settings, Great Spaces brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in myriad aspects of landscaping. The passion and dedication embodied by our team at Great Spaces is unparalleled.

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To gain a better understanding of our team’s capabilities, we invite you to browse through our past projects showcased online. If you’re ready to embark on a landscaping journey with us, please feel free to reach out to us at your earliest convenience.

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