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Not all landscape designers are created equal. There are those who merely revamp your garden, and then there are the true professionals, a passionate collective of specialists aiming to build beautiful and inviting outdoor environments that clients will treasure and utilise daily. We proudly identify as the latter category.

Comprising a team with plenty of expertise in landscape architecture, horticulture, and a robust understanding of construction, Great Spaces is the ideal choice for residents of Yarraville seeking to unleash the untapped potential of their home’s external spaces.

We offer a comprehensive solution to your landscaping needs in Yarraville, from the initial conceptualisation and procurement of materials for decking and other elements, right through to meticulous and efficient implementation of fixtures and construction tasks to manifest your dream outdoor ambience.

From the creation of elevated garden beds, cosy fire pits and uniquely Australian garden designs to the crafting of natural stone walkways and ornamental water features, our proficiency extends to all these aspects and beyond. We excel in coordinating the logistics involved in transforming your outdoor space – landscape styling, on-site demolition, waste disposal, planting, decking and more.


Yarraville Landscaping

Pioneering Landscaping Services in Yarraville

Every new landscaping venture we embark upon is governed by a singular vision – to create outstanding outdoor environments that provide everyday utility and enjoyment. Whether your desire is a space for entertaining, a serene retreat for relaxation after a long day, or simply an addition to your home’s functionality, Great Spaces integrates these considerations during the design process.

The journey with Great Spaces begins with an in-depth consultation, where we seek to fully comprehend your aspirations and objectives for the forthcoming outdoor landscaping project. Armed with this understanding, we then craft a bespoke concept design that provides the foundation for further refinements.

At Great Spaces, we don’t confine our focus merely to aesthetics (though we don’t rest until the proposed outdoor area is visually splendid). We believe that functionality and durability are the cornerstones of an extraordinary outdoor setting, and we employ these principles as our compass, guiding us in translating your dream outdoor space into tangible reality.

Two Decades of Landscaping Excellence in Yarraville and Throughout Melbourne

For over 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to crafting tailor-made outdoor environments for residents, businesses, schools, local government entities, and myriad other clientele in Melbourne. Our steadfast commitment to sustainability, teamwork, avant-garde design, and unparalleled customer service is unwavering.

This commitment extends to every facet of your landscaping project in Yarraville – from decking and lighting to paving and garden beds – everything. At Great Spaces, we collaborate closely with you to achieve the optimum outcome. Samples of our impressive work to date are readily available for viewing online.

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