Native Plant Garden Design for Your Outdoor Spaces

Australia is home to awe-inspiring landscapes full of exotic native plants and rugged terrain that is as diverse as it is beautiful. Being in Australia’s great outdoors inspires feelings of peace, tranquillity, and discovery all at once, and it’s this distinctly Australian atmosphere that we can create in your garden at home.

With years of experience fashioning bespoke designer landscapes for proud Melbourne homeowners, Great Spaces’ passionate team of landscapers, horticultural experts, and construction professionals will work closely alongside you to produce the native garden design of your dreams.

Using rustic materials like timber and sandstone and mimicking plant groupings that happen naturally in the wild, we can achieve an air of authenticity to your Australian native garden design. If you need features like an outdoor BBQ or kitchen, we can help with that too

We’ll create a bespoke native garden design that works for your specific property

At Great Spaces, we create attractive and inviting outdoor spaces that you’ll love and can enjoy every day. When it comes to small native garden ideas, we know how to implement specific techniques synonymous with Australian native garden design and a “looser” free-form approach.

Native grasses can be used as edging around garden beds, while Australian natural stone or recycled timber sleepers can create a meandering path through your garden. Water features are also an everyday staple of authentic native Australian garden design. We might introduce the concept of a simple birdbath or water lily pond to enhance your garden further.

As horticultural experts, our team carefully chooses plants native to your area (as this ensures that they’re well-suited to your climate and soil type). We will arrange them so that they interact with the other complementary aspects of your new garden’s overall design. Great Spaces has experience crafting inviting native Australian garden designs using clever combinations of:


Grevillea (also referred to as spider flowers)

Acacia (aka Wattle)

Lilly Pilly


Kangaroo Paw

Gymea Lilly

Carex Grass


Native Violets

Blue Fescue Grass




Grass Trees

We know the best times of the year to plant certain native Australian plants to give them the best chance of taking on a life of their own.

native plant garden 2
native plant garden 3

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Whether you have a clear vision for your native Australian garden or want as much input from us as possible, we serve as an end-to-end solution for turning your vision into a reality. The Great Spaces team handles everything from concept designs to landscape architecture and streamlined execution of the project – garden beds, decking, lighting, planting, paving and everything else.

If you want to create a garden with a distinctly Australian feel, start a discussion with us today.

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