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Installing a rainwater tank on your Melbourne property is a fantastic way to tap into a natural water source at no extra cost to you. They work by capturing the excess rainwater that would otherwise flow into stormwater drainage and storing it for you to use in your gardening, washing, and flushing toilets. An efficient underground rainwater tank will simultaneously reduce your water bills and environmental footprint.

However, the installation process is complex and sophisticated. At Great Spaces, we carry a wealth of experience installing underground rainwater tanks in a way that makes sense with your outdoor landscaping and is most practical for collecting rainwater on your property.

There’s no “one size fits all” approach to installing rainwater tanks. Our expert team uses our landscaping skills, horticultural expertise, and construction knowledge to devise and implement a tailored rainwater tank installation for your Melbourne property.

*We’ll also ensure rainwater is suitable for consumption, with no toxins, heavy metals, or high amounts of dissolved solids – as stipulated by the Australian Government.

We provide comprehensive end-to-end rainwater tank solutions in Melbourne

When you call us for an initial consultation, we’ll come to your property so that we can assess the site before installation. This allows us to consider everything, including the rainwater catchment area (generally the roof) and how we can divert your stormwater pipes into the underground tank. The size of the tank is related to your peak demand, the ideal location on the property, facilitating storage/access, and other key factors.

In Melbourne, the typical household rainwater tank varies from around 660 litres (generally above-ground tanks) to 50,000 litres (below-ground tanks). If your motives for installing a rainwater tank are for basic gardening and toilet flushing on a small property, a smaller tank will do the trick. However, if you’re a sports club or school or have extensive grounds to irrigate, you may need a tank that can hold up to 50000 litres.

At Great Spaces, we’ll help you navigate this process so that we can equip your property with the ideal underground rainwater tank for your household’s individual needs. Our team can also liaise with your local council to determine specific regulations around minimum tank capacities and other guidelines.

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Great Spaces delivers bespoke underground rainwater tank solutions without the hassle

Rainwater tank installation isn’t as simple as dropping a tank into the ground. It involves careful and measured installation of multiple components, including the rainwater tank pump, backflow prevention valve, first flush diverter, gutter protectors/filters, sumps, and other necessary fittings or pipework.

Rest assured, your entire rainwater installation is in capable hands with our highly devoted team of landscapers and construction experts. We provide Melbourne homeowners with designer landscapes for their outdoor spaces, as well as bespoke commercial projects for shopping centres, schools, aged care facilities and countless other satisfied clients throughout the Greater Melbourne Area.

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