Retaining Walls for Melbourne Properties

Whether you’re looking to add flair and an edge to an entertaining area or create different levels on a sloped site, Retaining walls are also a great way to beautify and add structure to your property. At Great Spaces in Melbourne, we create highly sophisticated, modern concepts to add functionality and purpose to your overall garden design.

Improve aesthetics with retaining walls

Based in Melbourne, Great Spaces can offer a range of retaining wall solutions to suit residentialcommercial, and public spaces. We build in quality materials, including concrete, timber sleepers, stacked stone, rendered concrete block walls, or steel engineered. Our creations are not only aesthetically impressive but also structurally sound.

Choosing Great Spaces means you can experience working with design and construction experts with nearly two decades of experience, offering reliable, best-in-class solutions for the Melbourne region. Plus, we’ve built quality relationships with local councils and our industry network, giving us the ability to offer our clients end-to-end retaining wall solutions.

Functionality meets design

A retaining wall is usually built on solid concrete foundations to support a fence or other structures. They are typically built to prevent erosion on steep gradients, create level areas such as entertaining areas, or provide raised beds for plantings or borders.

From a low wall to level the lawn, terraces to create usable space on a steep block, or holding back major earthworks metres in height. We’ll work with you to build a solution to add impact and usability to your outdoor area. Additionally, they’re ideal for serving as an aesthetic enhancement for your property.

What type of retaining wall is best for Melbourne properties?

As an essential part of landscape design, our walls offer an attractive way to support the surrounding structure to create more useable space, ensure proper drainage and protection from flood risks and prevent erosion.

Materials come with various price points and complexities, depending on your design and requirements. The Great Spaces team will assess your site, determine the earthworks or engineering required to ensure longevity and accessibility. The above may involve

Concrete foundations

Metal or concrete pylons

Wall or fence construction

Plumbing and drainage

Lighting and electrical

Stairs and access paths

Beyond their functionality, these concepts also serve as beautiful aesthetic enhancements for properties with trees or other greenery between them and other homes.

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Great Spaces is a trustworthy, reputable company in the industry, passionate about providing expert-driven landscaping services to Melbourne. If you’d like to find out more about our solutions and how we can enhance your space, get in touch for advice and have any questions answered.

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