Add the final touch with our water features

While Melbourne already has plenty of bubbling beauty on offer, your personal sanctuary could undergo a transformation with it as well. With a huge range of water features and fountains available across the region, our specialists can create mesmerizing features for outdoor settings – whether for a business or home.

From shimmering water flowing down patterned walls to a reflective pebble-filled pond to natural stone fountains or a babbling brook, water features provide an upper-edge and sophisticated feel. Regardless of the style and setting, we have designs in mind to suit even the most individual of briefs.

Our water features take your space to the next level

Often used as the core of landscape design and construction, water features are a vital part of great garden design in Melbourne. Offering a high-class touch and the ability to work in harmony with a variety of looks and feels. We believe these pieces of ‘art’ are the perfect final detail for any space.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your space or create a statement, bringing a water feature into your concept can create something truly unique. Best of all, we’ll manage the entire process for you, ensuring the end result matches your vision from start to finish.

From timeless urns to the classic fishpond, a large-scale fountain, or something in-between, our creations can transform your entire space. Whether you’re looking to add colour or create texture and movement in your landscape design, there’s an array of stunning styles and features to choose from.  

Our quality-based process

Our friendly team will guide you through all of the steps in our process to give you the best possible experience and result.

1. Initial consultation

We begin by developing a design brief that outlines your specific desires and expectations for the space. Only when we have a clear understanding of what you want, will we create design concepts for you to review. Once you have agreed on the final design, we will provide an accurate quote and timings to complete the project.

2. Preparation

After all necessary approvals have been obtained, we’ll commence groundworks in preparation for hard landscaping. Depending on the site, this may involve demolition and removal of existing structures, excavation to define correct levels, mapping and marking of existing utilities, or excavation and placement of any buried structures, pipes, cables, conduits, or utilities that are required to service the finished design.

3. The action begins

This is the step where we get stuck into the hard work, laying the foundation for your new water feature. From there, we turn the underlying structure into a work of art, using techniques across hard and soft landscaping to complete your project.

Need help planning your water feature?

Water features can be an integral part of your landscape design, no matter where you are located in Melbourne. They do however require careful thought and consideration from the outset to ensure seamless fit, operation, quality, and long-lasting beauty.

From the beginning of your journey to the last step of the process, our experts will ensure your investment will impress for years to come. Complete with our easy installation and landscape construction solutions, we endeavour to create flawless results that become your new, undeniably impressive sanctuary.

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