Why You Should Consider a Full-Service Landscape Design Company?

Whether it’s your personal backyard at home or a more sophisticated project for a public or commercial space; renovating outdoor areas can be an exciting experience, where you get to unleash your creative side.

However, it can also be a daunting process that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and unprepared. This is when poor decisions tend to get made, mistakes tend to occur, and final results can fall short of expectations.

Another common issue in landscaping projects is the “too many cooks” scenario. You hire a landscape designer to draw up the plans based on your directions, then you hire someone else to do the actual landscaping, and then you might even hire yet another third party for things like decking, fencing and so on.

The trouble with this approach is that inevitably instructions get misinterpreted, plans get miscommunicated, and the final vision varies between everyone involved. However, you can avoid this disappointment by opting for a full-service solution to your Melbourne garden design needs instead.

What is a full-service landscape company?

When it comes to residential or commercial landscaping, a full-service design and build company is when you hire a single contractor to deliver a start-to-finish solution for your landscaping project – design, planning, construction, installation, everything.

From the big-ticket tasks like installing decking and pergolas, to the final touches like planting vegetation and laying mulch; a full-service landscape company provides you with a single point of contact to communicate your vision for the entire outdoor space.

For a full-service landscape company to function properly and deliver on its promises, it must comprise a team of qualified and experienced designers, landscape architects, builders, carpenters, horticultural experts and project managers.

The benefits to utilising the expertise of this kind of team should be quite clear, but here’s a list of advantages nonetheless.

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Full Service Garden design 3

The benefits of hiring a full-service landscape company

Simpler, more efficient and streamlined process and thus less confusion

Changes can be communicated and executed much faster

Full-service garden design landscape companies tend to have excellent relationships with reputable suppliers, for better materials

Designers working directly with the landscapers/builders have a clear understanding of the practical side of things, because they see it with their own eyes, day in day out

Our designer works on-site as part of the installation team so last minutes changes can be accommodated and agreed on the spot in the most efficient manner possible.

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Great Spaces is your go-to full-service Melbourne garden design company

At Great Spaces, our team spans the full scope of skillsets necessary to deliver impeccable landscaping services without delays, miscommunication, or any other frustrating setbacks.

Our designers work closely alongside you to bring your vision to life through innovative use of retaining walls, garden beds, lighting, water features and other components. From here, our construction team is able to carry out efficient work and turn your dream outdoor space into a reality.

To arrange hassle-free landscaping solutions tailored to your budget and style preferences, don’t hesitate to contact Melbourne’s leading full-service garden design company today.